Acrylic Photo Block 30mm

ID# PI0105

Our 30mm freestanding acrylic fotobloc’s are crystal clear and a great way to display your favourite photos. Fotobloc’s are the perfect size to sit on a coffee table or on your desk at work. From an angle our acrylic fotobloc’s give a stunning 3D effect. Fotobloc’s are diamond polished and flawless with vibrant UV resistant colours.

  • - High gloss finish.
  • - Ultra modern way to display an image.
  • - Free standing
  • - ideal for desks/mantle pieces etc.
  • - Has a fantastic 3d effect when viewed from the side.
  • - An ideal size for a gift.
  • - Diamond polished edges.
  •  - Image printed onto pro photo paper and pressure/heat laminated to back.
  •  - Quality is better than printing direct to acrylic.
- 30mm thick acrylic.
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Block Size 7"x7"£ 48.50
Block Size 6"x8"£ 48.50
Block Size 11"x5"£ 60.00
Block Size 12"x6"£ 65.00
Block Size 10"x8"£ 68.50